As we mentioned in this post, we will soon be releasing a public beta version of Easy Bills. So we are here today to tell you what this awesome service already does.


With Easy Bills, you can log all your expenses and incomes giving every transaction a category. You will see all your transactions as well as their status in the main page. For example, if they are pending, expiring, paid or expired. Each of these statuses have different icons so you can easily identify them.


You can create customized categories. Easy Bills provides you a couple of initial categories but you can adapt it to your needs. For each of them you can put a different icon so in the transactions pages you can easily see what kind of expense / income that bill is about.


Do you have more than one bank account? No problem. With Easy Bills you can create as many accounts as you need. You can also transfer money among them. Do you have a savings account which the money is not meant to be used? There’s a feature where you can add an account and the money is not displayed in the month balance.

History and reports

You will have a report of all you expenses and incomes from previous months, as well as a report displaying your balance up to the end of the month.

Coming soon

Pretty cool, hun?

Soon you will be able to enjoy all these features and organise your finances in an easy way.